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It's a typical morning at the digimon house. No one is awake yet, even though it's close to 1pm, mostly because Beelzemon got rid of the only means of a wake-up call, Kockitorimon. Now everything is quiet and peaceful.

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I just found this channel again i use to watch you back in the days i cant wait to watch you again!! Over Acting Youtuber Blogger it annoys me a Lot. Did anyone else see Geno at when peppy keeps disappearing then appearing again?.

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Feelings Unveil Izzy went hurriedly into the ground along with his digimon Tentomom, who turned into his rookie forum, Leomon charged at Izzy and Tentomon but Matt's digimon Gabumon slammed into Leomon knocking him in the water. He quickly grabbed Matt, Izzy, and Tentomon and ran off into the woods, making sure that they was not being followed. After running into the woods for a while they finally stopped.

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Teen girl curtain This was incredible! I was waiting and oh boy was the wait worth it! I love this channel so much, this fan film was everything I was hoping it would be.

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Excuse but why songwriter not all the members are songwriters well they maybe wrote one or two songs but that doesn't mean they are songwriters I'm sorry Asian theater seating. Could not agree more with anything you said. I believe that today is your birthday right?

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View Full Version : What if Digimon was targeted toward teenagers when it first came out? How do you guys feel? Also even though theres always going to be executive meddling, maybe they wouldnt have strayed away from plot points like the dark ocean which seemed really interesting but perhaps too dark for a childrens show. I think it would be a "better" show.


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