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She's very publicly stated that she wouldn't ever do gratuitous nude scenes - so we can only presume from these pictures of Jessica Alba that the script of her latest movie must have been very good indeed. The fact it's an arthouse action film based on Mexican B-movies called Machete makes Ms Alba revealing her birthday suit all the more baffling - not that we imagine her admirers are complaining. The Latino star told Scarlet magazine in February that she would never bare all for the cameras, saying: 'No, I'll never do a nude scene.

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Several witnesses reported a naked man waving a machete in the parking lot at Middle Country Rd. But the man initially refused to get out of the truck, police said. When the man tried to get out of the truck with machete in hand, officers held the doors shut to contain them, police said.

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Police investigate the scene where a naked Bay Shore man wielding a inch machete in a Costco parking lot was arrested after threatening bystanders and an officer with the weapon on May 18,Suffolk police said. Photo Credit: Stringer News Service. A naked Bay Shore man wielding a inch machete in a Costco parking lot was charged Monday after threatening bystanders and a cop with the weapon, Suffolk police said.

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Posted on Tuesday, October 19th, by Germain Lussier. According to a recent report, Alba was actually wearing tight white underwear on the set, which was then digitally altered to make the perennial sex symbol appear nude. And not for all the reasons you think, sicko. Hit the jump to read more warning: possible NSFW image.

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Look at Greta now. Exposed within and without a timeworn mirror, about to let a man see her naked for the first time in more than forty years. Tarnished by a patina redolent of burnished pewter, the full-length looking glass was crisscrossed with meandering fissures erupting from a pox of rust stains, symbolically a mirror of the tort inflicted on her body by the arrow of time.

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Lady Gaga is swinging a gun around and acting like a bleeding lunatic in a brand spanking new trailer for violent movie Machete Kills - Just Sayin'. Lady Gaga is swinging a gun around and acting like a bleeding lunatic in a brand spanking new trailer for violent movie Machete Kills. Sure, it's not the most imaginative title but what does it matter?

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A suburban New York trucker who threatened shoppers with a machete in a parking lot while naked was due in court on Tuesday to face charges related to the incident, police said. Police in Suffolk County, east of New York City, were called to a Costco parking lot on reports of a naked man waving a inch machete on Monday and arrived to find Jose Amaya had retreated to the cab of his delivery truck. When Amaya refused to leave the truck, the officers Tasered him and then took him to a local hospital for evaluation.

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A year-old Montana woman was arrested Friday after allegedly lying in wait for her ex-boyfriend with a machete and forcing him to have sex with her. They then started arguing, the man says, and Mears allegedly pulled some trim off the wall and peed on the bed. The alleged victim was able to take pictures of Mears sitting naked on the bed wielding the machete, which he provided to police.

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Not in a sexually explicit, love-crazy way. True to Rodriguez's quirky shoot-'em-up dramas, Leal plays a nude, hired villain. Leal pronounced LAY-al auditioned for the role in July after graduating from the University of Houston with a major in advertising and public relations and a minor in math.

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When our tipster told us that Lindsay Lohan's character was naked most of the time she appears in Machetenudity-watchers cried foul: It's a body double! I saw Machete two days ago, and any part of the movie when LL's character was showing her nipples, it was obviously a body double. In those parts, she would never show her face and had shorter blonde hair in a different hairstyle. LL did have her long blonde hair covering her breasts if she was speaking in a scene and had to still be naked.


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