How to wash your uncircumcised penis

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It's important to keep your son's penis clean whether he has been circumcised or not. Keeping your young son's penis clean may help prevent infections and other problems. As your son gets older, teach him how to wash and care for his penis.

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Irritation, infections, and unpleasant odors are just a few of the health conditions that can occur if you fail to maintain good hygiene habits for your penis and sexual health. Learning how to properly clean your penis can help you maintain optimal health and cleanliness. To clean your penis, start by taking a warm shower to wet your body.

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Although circumcision rates have been plummeting over the last few decades, the majority of adult men in the U. The foreskin is a flap of skin that covers the head of the penis and attaches at the base of the head. Baby boys are born with the foreskin fully attached to their penis, but it gradually loosens as they age.

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The penis, the outer reproductive organ of the male, consists of 2 parts—the shaft and the glans. The glans is the tip of the penis, while the shaft is the main part of the penis. All boys are born with a foreskin, or a covering over the tip of the penis.

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It goes without saying that, as is the case with all of your other body parts, washing your penis should be a part of your daily shower routine. But if you've been practicing poor hygiene, or just generally neglecting to thoroughly wash down there, beware: you may have developed smegma. A common condition that affects guys who don't clean their junk enough or don't clean in the right waysmegmaa.

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Smegma is a substance made up of oil and dead skin cells. It can accumulate under the foreskin in uncircumcised males or around the folds of the labia in females. Left untreated, smegma can cause an odor or in some cases, harden and lead to irritation in the genitals.

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Dear Dr Ren. My question concerns the build-up of smegma under the foreskin. I wash the glans with a washcloth at each shower but sometimes there seems to be a bit more than the previous day. Can you help me with this?

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Skip to content. The penis, the outer reproductive organ of the male, consists of two parts — the shaft and the head called the glans. All boys are born with a foreskin, a layer of skin that covers the shaft and the glans.

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Parents who leave a baby penis uncircumcised live with a mystery. After all, should they become too concerned and manipulate the foreskin for any kind of cleaning or inspection, they could do more harm than good. Jamin Brahmbhatt.


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